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The most chic lip gloss that makes you orgasm

Feels Like Oral - Swirl Tip Vibration

If you’ve never felt cunnilingus before, this is your time. Loma gloss features a unique soft swirl tip that swirls like the tip of a tongue. The smooth silicone body also vibrates to intensify the sensation and warms up to 38°C, turning the sensation even more realistic.

Designed to be Your Travel Companion

No one would ever know it’s a vibrator unless you show it off. It’s chic like your favorite lip gloss and compact enough - only 12cm long - to fit in your makeup bag. The swirl tip is also covered with a case so no worries about hygiene!

Whisper-quiet & IPX7 Waterproof

Below 50db when turned on, Loma gloss is so quiet you won’t be able to hear it when it’s under your sheets. It’s also IPX7 waterproof, which means you can enjoy it privately while relaxing in your bathtub.


Slutty Pink
Naughty Nude


Medical Grade Silicone
IPX7 Waterproof
10 Intensity Levels


Loma Gloss
USB charging cable
storage pouch
O! So Easy Book (User Manual)

Real Reviews

96% of our reviewers rated the product satisfactory.

This was a life-changing sex toy for me. I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it but it’s overwhelmingly great. It’s super silent and the stimulation shook me. I felt like a fool for using only my hands in the past. It’s a bit difficult to use the buttons but once you get used to it it’s okay. The vibrator also warms up when you use it and it makes it feel even better.
They say this gives you an easy orgasm and it is very accurate. It doesn’t take a long time to orgasm since the stimulation gets to you right away. The packaging is discreet and beautiful as well. I loved the guidebook which was included. Very informational and fun.
Bought it right after watching a Youtube video. I’ve been using it for a while and it is awesome. It’s my first time using a sex toy and I’m very satisfied with the purchase. It sends you over the moon at a high-level intensity. I thought I was unable to orgasm but this proved me wrong. It was just because I didn’t have the right sex toy. I’ll buy a new one once I get used to it. The packaging is pretty and great as well!