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Best-selling line of discreet male masturbator in Korea

Design your pleasure

Loma Candle comes with a Tight Ring, which can be used to adjust the tightness and deliver different sensations every use.

8 Types of Colorful Sensation

Every Loma Candle delivers a different type of sensation with different firmness, tightness, and inner texture. Dive in and explore all of the colorful sensations.


The ultimate realistic experience

Naturally ribbed, soft canal that overwhelmingly resembles the real experience.


Sweet honey-like pleasure

Soft canal filled with honey jelly sensation with swirling beehive texture and bold protruding bumps.


Soft tickling & licking Sensation

Semi-soft clover-shaped texture that entangles, tickles, and licks you.


Tight vacuum sensation

Tight asymmetrical canal with deep cliffs and protruding bumps with a finishing vacuum zone that sucks you in.


Bold twisting excitement

Glide through the 3-dimensional twisting spiral textured canal with large protruding details.


Deep sucking sensation

Replicates the intense sensation of deep-throating with soft large bumps and tight zig-zag pattern.


Intensely tight stroking pleasure

Tight, firm canal with spiral ribs that grabs and sucks you in with every stroke.

Big Mellow

Mega marshmallow soft sensation

Ultra soft and gentle, it wraps around your shaft like a huge soft marshmallow, delivering a new type of sensation.


Proven satisfaction

Tested by hundreds of beta testers before launch, every Loma Candle has received positive feedback over 4 stars.

Durable and safe materials

Made with high-grade durable TPE, Loma Candle is safe to use, non-toxic, non-porous, and odorless.


FDA-approved TPE
and Silicone rubber


Loma Candle
Loma Gel (Lubricant)
Storage Pouch

Real Reviews

95% of our reviewers rated the product satisfactory.

Loma Candle Pure
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I was dubious at first but it actually feels realistic! It feels even more intense when you put wrap the tight ring on the candle. Would definitely purchase again.
Loma Candle Grab
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The pressure is insane. It might be a bit difficult to insert at first but it gets better when you get used to it. Loved how tight it is and it gets even better with the ring.
Loma Candle Deep
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Very satisfied. The sensation is a bit weaker than real sex but still great. The quality is also outstanding and very durable. Masturbators I’ve purchased from other brands would tear down after a couple of times but this one lasts way longer.
Loma Candle Twist
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Feels like getting a blowjob from a monster.