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The easiest way to pleasure & no fuss afterward

Perfect for Teasing

Circle around the head area for concentrated sensation, or stroke for added stimulation to the shaft.

Easy to Use & Dry

Cleaning masturbators couldn’t be any easier. Wash with water and leave it on the Muffin Stand to let it dry.

4 Flavors to Try

Every Loma Muffin delivers a different type of sensation with different inner textures. Dive in and explore all of the flavors.


FDA-approved TPE
and Silicone rubber


Loma Muffin
Loma Muffin Stand
Loma Gel (Lubricant)
Storage Pouch


95% of our reviewers rated the product satisfactory.

Played with it for a while and I now realize that this is perfect for foreplay! I personally liked pineapple. Felt similar to oral.
Small but powerful. That’s how I’d describe muffin.
I’ve only used my hands and always wanted something more, so I decided try muffin out. It’s opened a whole new world to me. I kinda regretted why I haven’t tried toys before. The texture is super soft and gives a whole different level of sensation when using it around the head area. It’s easy to wash and manage. Great value for money and very satisfied.
It’s my first toy and I’m still using it for over 5 months. It’s best to use it slowly and lubricant. Would recommend for people who want to try masturbators without the fuss. I’m thinking of trying Candle next.